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Keeping Memories Alive

My father had some old fishing memorabilia in a box from when he was a boy growing up in Kentucky and West Virginia. He has fond memories of those summer days with his uncle on the river and the thrill of catching fish almost bigger than he was at the time.

I wanted to find a way to display these items kept in a box so that he could continue reminiscing about those days. I found these great shadow boxes at the local craft store along with some creative paper to line the back and attach the photos and clipping to. These are the supplies you will need:

1. Frame (shadowbox style)

2. Craft Paper (acid-free to preserve the integrity of the photos)

3. Scissors or Exacto-knife with blade

4. Ruler/Pencil

5. Acid-free Glue (I used Elmers permeant acid-free double-sided tape in a dispenser)

6. Transfer Titles (I used one by "My Minds Eye")

7. Stamps for writing or titles you wish to include

8. Photos and memorabilia

9. Straight Pins

10. A little creativity :)

Pre-arrange your items and cut to size. Determine placement of titles and other lettering. Snap a photo of your design once you are happy with the layout so you can refer back to it. Make sure the frame fits around your design and then you can start glueing items in place. I had several antique fishing lures that I did not wish to glue to the paper backing so I attached them using straight pins. Fortunately the backing of my frame was cork so this was an easy solution.

This project really did not take too very long to complete and the materials all fairly easy to locate. Good luck and I hope this has given you some great ideas and a fun project to complete for your family.


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