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Ledge Shelf Installation 1: Building your Tool Box

Over the next few posts I will be sharing the installation of a 3' Room&Board ledge shelf on our bedroom wall. But first let's talk tools for a second...

I have had a tool box, or some sort of tool collection since I was about 8 years old. I was inspired to build doll house furniture following the gift of a wooden hand made house given to me for a birthday gift. I remember asking my dad for wood to build things for the house so he set me up with everything I needed. Accept for the original wood burner, unfortunately I don't think I have any of the same tools but I have had several tool boxes ever since.

When I say several, that's because they are "organized" (I use that term loosely 😬) for doing different things. One is a general tool box with a hammer, screwdrivers, ear plugs, safety glasses, etc. The other and I say most importantly is the one for hanging things. This box has usually just about anything you need from 3M sticky hooks, sheetrock anchors, big nails, little nails, those little rubber bumpers you stick on the backs of frames so they don't move on the wall, a tape measure, small level and so on.

Then there are the bigger tools I use to mount things. I can't say that I have gotten too terribly crazy hanging big or odd things. In fact my drill disappeared after a while and I am suspect that my husband was a bit concerned about what damage I might cause with has never been found. The drill pictured above is our "community" drill that is shared among the household (...I think I could still cause trouble if I wanted) 😉

Here is a short list of items to always have in your tool box. For a complete list, I found a great online resource. Check out the link below:


Put Together a Basic Household Tool Kit

Tape Measure-You may not think you need one, but a 25-foot measuring tape will work for most jobs

Screwdrivers-Two basic screwdrivers are a necessity

Pliers-One set of pliers will not do


Vice Grip

An assortment of Nails and Screws

Wire Cutters




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